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Make a difference in the world by changing the lives of others. We want to work with dedicated souls that share our vision. If you are a record label, audio engineer, manager, agent, or somone just as passionate as us about effecting change for recording artists, we want you! It's time to level the playing field by giving artists what they truly deserve, freedom.

Why Us?

Since our launch, we have never gone with the grain of how other companies run their affiliate programs. If you are here just to make money, this may not be the place for you. We are solely driven by our clients, doing everything in our power to help them become successful.

Large companies running the industry have the same goal, to make money. They use artists and producers for their talent, while they provide all the tools (so we think) they need to be succesful. Sure the artist gets to go on tour, sell millions of records, and expeirence the good life, but at the expense of not knowing how to fend for themselves in the game. In most cases artists don't own the rights to their works, and they get a very small percentage of the income (sometimes millions) that comes into the company. We reveal the truth, that there is an alternative route. We teach and help artists to become business savey, estabilsh a solid brand, and learn how to make money while growing their fan base independently. But we need your help!

Our Affiliates

  1. Tevin Decaprio Films
    Tevin Decaprio Films
    Cinematography Company
  2. Jamiere Wilson
    Jamiere Wilson
  3. Street Legal Films
    Street Legal Films
    Cinematography Company
  4. Daviyon Wagner
    Daviyon Wagner
    Recording Artist
  5. King Born
    King Born
    Roundtable Ent & Distribution LLC | CEO
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